New dace studio


You guys know that I dance, right? Well, here is something you dont know. I have switched dance studio. Before it was onlyone studio in the town, but now my dance educator has started a new studio. It is a nice place! They haveredekorated the place, and I love to be there. Here is the dance studio's.... Or one of them:

I don't have some pictures of studio one, but if you look at the picture of Christina, you can see studio one in the background.In that picture there is not some mirror or something. It is mirrors there now.

And this is studio two. I am only dancing in studio one.

Of course I havea new dance educator, but I also have the old one (she is not old). My new dance educator isn't that new, but she is new. That's because I danced with her when I was a little kid. She is very nice, and very funny!! Haha! She is a very good dancer. I hope I can be as good as her. She was educated at ''Den Norske Ballett Hyskole'' in Osloas a dancer,an educator and more. She has been at work shop with many huge artists like: Ne-Yo, Rihannaand Britney Spears. She have also done many other things as a dancer.

_MG_8375a c
Here she is! Her name is Christina.

She is my dance educator in Jazz, Classical and Point.

Linda is my old dance educator. I wrote about her last year, so if you want you can scrol down and read about her. 

This is the last post for this time. I hope you have enjoyd my time here. Did you?

-Iselin <3<3

A trip to the mountains

Hello everybody!

This weekend I was at atrip to the mountains with my friend. Her name is Ceilinn.We were at gautefall. It was nice and we had a very nice time up there.

The cabin was red and small. It was a verybeautifull place. The toilet was very weird, because whenI were ther, it came wind to my buttom. Haha! It wasn't water in this cabin, so we ha dobring some big jugs with wather. But it was acool cabin.

We were eight persons. It was Ceilinn,her mom and dad, hercousin and his friend,her aunt, Ceilinn's uncle and me. It wasgreat.They are some very nice people! I have been at some trip's with them before, and I love it.

Well, we came up at Friday. That day we ate Pizza and had a nice time together, before we went sleeping.

At Saturday we wake up 08:30. That was because we was going to the downhill course. It was funny, but it was snowing and raining at the same time. So it was not that easy. When we came home we ate Taco. It was so good!! This evening we played some games.

Here we were!

At the Sunday it was nice weather, or it was nicerthan saturday. It was still raining a little bit. We had very many trip's up and down the hill that day. I dont know how many, but is was very many. When we was done, we drowe home. I sleept in the car, and was very tierd.

This is the cabinthey rented, but it was snow there.
It was a very nice trip, and I am happy that I could be there with them.

What did you do this weekend?

-Iselin <3<3

Arts and crafts

Every Wednesday we have arts and crafts. We are making things and pictures. I think it is fun to to something different.

We are three groups. And every group are doing the same thing for four weeks. I am lucky that I am in my goup. It is not my group, but it is the group I am in to.

The first four weeks we had Arts and crafts, I was maiking a hand. The hand was made of clay. I am very satisfied of it, because it is looking like a real hand. I dont have some pictules of it, besauce we cant take pictures with are mobile at our school,but it is a hand with thumb up.

In the second group, weare painting. But before we were painting we took some pictures. We took pictures ofeach other . Then we etided them. We did this because we had to paint ourself, at paper of course. It was a little hard, but I made it. After we had paint it on normal paper, we painted it on a plate of tree. We had to paint with some strong colors, so I painted my hair pink and my face green.

For the last group, we are making insects. We are making it of wire and newspaper. It is fun! Some aremakeing butterflies and things like that, but I am making an toadpole.
Mytoadpoleis green, and it looks like this:

It is the little thing in his hand.

I like Arts and crafts! Do you like Arts and crafts?

-Iselin <3<3



I am a huge fan of Justin Bileber. He seems like a nice persone, but not anny more. He is doing to much of the bad things.
I think he want to show us (his fans) that he is not a little kid anymore.

One of the thing he had done, is that hewas in jail.This is what happend:
First found the police them (he and some friends) at a beach. At the beach they drove, theywas driveingto fast. It was not Justin's car, but a car that he had borrowed.
The other reason that the police took them,is because he was drunk.

This is a picture of him in jail. He is smiling because he didn't want his fans to see him sad.
Okey, he is smiling in jail, but he is not smiling like that with his fans, just take a look:

I think it is supid. I dont think he have to do all this things.
He stil sing good!!
What do you think about this?
-Iselin <3<3

Where is my cat?

Hello everybody! I'm back!

Now it's been a year, and I am going to write here again. This is a project we are doing in theEnglish class.
I am going to do thisfor four week's, and who know, maybeI am going to do it more. I hope you want to read this blog.

WhereI lieve is it snow outside. It is snowing every day!
When I walked to school today, I got very cold. I had snow in my shoes, an very much snow at my jeans.
We have to take away the snow every day, it is so much.

Yesterday night, my cat went out, and shehas notcome back. Sheusually goesout for two - three minutes (because it is snow), but now she's been out for two days.

Here she is!

Ohh yeah..... this is me.....

This is how it looks.

-Iselin <3



What do you think about snow?
I like snow, but it is so cold! Were I live the snow isturning to ice. :P

Today I kept falling on the ice. :(

It is very funny to play in the snow. Me and a friend made a snowhole some days ago. That was fun, but it was so wet outside. I was full of water when we was going in.

The iceis smelting outside so it is very much water here.

I love taking pictures, but this picture I took from Google! :O

-Iselin <3<3


Hello everyone! <3

I am goingdancing every week.
Iwasbegining dance whenI was 3 years old, and I have danc every year since that time.

This picture is from last year.

Today I am going to dance. I am going to dance ballet 2andmodern 12-16 years.
Balletis a lot of fun. I love it. Modernis also very fun.

On Mndays I dance Jazz 2. At jazz and ballet, my teacher's name is Nina:

At modern ismy teacher's name Linda:

Idance at Filadelfia too. There i dance hip hop.

Do you like dancing?

-Iselin <3<3



Every Friday I am at a Christian youthclubb. The youthclubb's name is Oneway.
I love to be there with my friends! My friendsat Filadelfia (Filadelfiais the place Oneway are at) are so nice!
First when we come to Oneway, we just stand and speak together and then we go inn to the big room.

Here weare waiting. ;)

At the meeting
we arebeginning with somone who istalking. Then it is somone who plays music, and then the one who are going to speech come up.
He speaks about something. Sometimes it is very funny and, sometimes it is very serious at the meeting. ;)
Sometimes it is something called small group. In the small group we speak about what they said in the meeting. We also speak about other things.

Here are somone who plays music ;)

When the meeting is finnished we go in to the cafe. There we can bye food. In the cafe we can sit around a table or we can do other things.
We can play tabletennis and things like that. On friday I, Dina, Ole and Victor had
pillow fight. That was fun! :P

On Thuesday It is dancing at Filadelfia. I use to dance there!

Here is Filadelfia!

What are you doing on a friday? <33

-Iselin <3

School ball :D


I saidI was goingto a school ball, it was so funny.
First weate Taco. I love Taco, but this one was not so good! :P
The dessert was very good :)

When we were finished eating, we begandancing.

It was fun to dance, and here are some pictures:

Thats not me, but I aminn all pictures :P

I am behind the boy!

I am behind the boy again :P

I'mbetween the girls holding each other.

Semona ( and Kristian was elected prince and princess.
Here are a pictures of them:

I was not elected to something!

There was a photographer there. We took many pictures!
Here is some of them:

Thats me and my friends. I am on the right side. ;)

This was a nonsense picture!I'm back in the middle to the left. :D

Thats me! :)

Thats me and Nathalie.

I know that it had not been as fun without my friends there! I love you <3

Me and Ceilinn <3

Finaly me and Camilla :)

It was about how I had it on my prom 2013.
Have you been toa prom?

-Iselin <3

About me :)

Halo <3

My name is Iselin Helene. I live in Norway.

I live with my mom, dad and brother. We have a cat,her name is Lucia. :)

In my spare timeI dance. I dance in the town3 hours a week, and the in church 1 hour a week.I sing too.

My best friend is Ceilinn, she come from China.

Here is a picture of me:

This picture is 2 years old! ;)

This is a school project.

I have been in 4 countrys: Norway, Sweden, Greece and England:P

Onthursday we are goingto school ball. It's going to be fun!

I have many friendsat my school. :)

I like to shop, my closets are full of clothes. :P

I am a Christian and proud of it! ;D

This is my cat:

She is so cute! :D

My idol is Justin Bieber. I love him <3

On Friday, I tend to be with friends at a club at Filadelfia.

-Iselin :)

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