About me :)

Halo <3

My name is Iselin Helene. I live in Norway.

I live with my mom, dad and brother. We have a cat,her name is Lucia. :)

In my spare timeI dance. I dance in the town3 hours a week, and the in church 1 hour a week.I sing too.

My best friend is Ceilinn, she come from China.

Here is a picture of me:

This picture is 2 years old! ;)

This is a school project.

I have been in 4 countrys: Norway, Sweden, Greece and England:P

Onthursday we are goingto school ball. It's going to be fun!

I have many friendsat my school. :)

I like to shop, my closets are full of clothes. :P

I am a Christian and proud of it! ;D

This is my cat:

She is so cute! :D

My idol is Justin Bieber. I love him <3

On Friday, I tend to be with friends at a club at Filadelfia.

-Iselin :)

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10.01.2013 kl.13:20

Hello Bra Blogg :D


10.01.2013 kl.13:21

finallyhappy: thank you! :)


14.01.2013 kl.09:38

we love your blog! <3


16.01.2013 kl.12:24

wagt: thank you! <3

Camilla Jrgensen

16.01.2013 kl.12:43

Cool, you have a very nice blog, and i will look at your blog so mutch i can <3


16.01.2013 kl.13:34

Camilla Jrgensen: thank you! :D <3

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