School ball :D


I said I was going to a school ball, it was so funny.
First we ate Taco. I love Taco, but this one was not so good! :P
The dessert was very good :)

When we were finished eating, we begandancing.

It was fun to dance, and here are some pictures:

Thats not me, but I am inn all pictures :P

I am behind the boy!

I am behind the boy again :P

I'm between the girls holding each other.

Semona ( and Kristian was elected prince and princess.
Here are a pictures of them:  

I was not elected to something!

There was a photographer there. We took many pictures!
Here is some of them:

Thats me and my friends. I am on the right side. ;)

This was a nonsense picture! I'm back in the middle to the left. :D

Thats me! :)

Thats me and Nathalie.

I know that it had not been as fun without my friends there! I love you <3

Me and Ceilinn <3

Finaly me and Camilla :)
It was about how I had it on my prom 2013.
Have you been to a prom?

-Iselin <3 

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16.01.2013 kl.16:22

ser ut som du koste deg da! :)


16.01.2013 kl.16:26

amerigo: hihi, ja jeg koste meg kjempe mye! :P


18.01.2013 kl.15:21

sv: Så koselig å høre at du liker bloggen min!:-)

Så mange fine bilder!!:-) så utrolig koselig ut.


23.01.2013 kl.12:29

helenean: tusen takk! ja det var utrolig koselig! ;)

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