Every Friday I am at a Christian youthclubb. The youthclubb's name is Oneway. 
I love to be there with my friends! My friends at Filadelfia (Filadelfia is the place Oneway are at) are so nice!
First when we come to Oneway, we just stand and speak together and then we go inn to the big room.

Here we are waiting. ;)

At the meeting
we are beginning with somone who is talking. Then it is somone who plays music, and then the one who are going to speech come up.
He speaks about something. Sometimes it is very funny and, sometimes it is very serious at the meeting. ;)
Sometimes it is something called small group. In the small group we speak about what they said in the meeting. We also speak about other things.

Here are somone who plays music ;)

When the meeting is finnished we go in to the cafe. There we can bye food. In the cafe we can sit around a table or we can do other things. 
We can play tabletennis and things like that. On friday I, Dina, Ole and Victor had  
pillow fight. That was fun! :P

On Thuesday It is dancing at Filadelfia. I use to dance there!

Here is Filadelfia! 
What are you doing on a friday? <33

-Iselin <3

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