Where is my cat?

Hello everybody! I'm back!

Now it's been a year, and I am going to write here again. This is a project we are doing in theEnglish class.
I am going to do thisfor four week's, and who know, maybeI am going to do it more. I hope you want to read this blog.

WhereI lieve is it snow outside. It is snowing every day!
When I walked to school today, I got very cold. I had snow in my shoes, an very much snow at my jeans.
We have to take away the snow every day, it is so much.

Yesterday night, my cat went out, and shehas notcome back. Sheusually goesout for two - three minutes (because it is snow), but now she's been out for two days.

Here she is!

Ohh yeah..... this is me.....

This is how it looks.

-Iselin <3

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