I am a huge fan of Justin Bileber. He seems like a nice persone, but not anny more. He is doing to much of the bad things.
I think he want to show us (his fans) that he is not a little kid anymore.

One of the thing he had done, is that hewas in jail.This is what happend:
First found the police them (he and some friends) at a beach. At the beach they drove, theywas driveingto fast. It was not Justin's car, but a car that he had borrowed.
The other reason that the police took them,is because he was drunk.

This is a picture of him in jail. He is smiling because he didn't want his fans to see him sad.
Okey, he is smiling in jail, but he is not smiling like that with his fans, just take a look:

I think it is supid. I dont think he have to do all this things.
He stil sing good!!
What do you think about this?
-Iselin <3<3

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06.02.2014 kl.09:23

hello my beautiful friend :) i dont like him so much but i now he kan be bether than dis :) you write very good :)


06.02.2014 kl.09:28

Cjpusen: Thank you!

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