Arts and crafts

Every Wednesday we have arts and crafts. We are making things and pictures. I think it is fun to to something different.

We are three groups. And every group are doing the same thing for four weeks. I am lucky that I am in my goup. It is not my group, but it is the group I am in to.

The first four weeks we had Arts and crafts, I was maiking a hand. The hand was made of clay. I am very satisfied of it, because it is looking like a real hand. I dont have some pictules of it, besauce we cant take pictures with are mobile at our school,but it is a hand with thumb up.

In the second group, weare painting. But before we were painting we took some pictures. We took pictures ofeach other . Then we etided them. We did this because we had to paint ourself, at paper of course. It was a little hard, but I made it. After we had paint it on normal paper, we painted it on a plate of tree. We had to paint with some strong colors, so I painted my hair pink and my face green.

For the last group, we are making insects. We are making it of wire and newspaper. It is fun! Some aremakeing butterflies and things like that, but I am making an toadpole.
Mytoadpoleis green, and it looks like this:

It is the little thing in his hand.

I like Arts and crafts! Do you like Arts and crafts?

-Iselin <3<3

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