A trip to the mountains

Hello everybody!

This weekend I was at atrip to the mountains with my friend. Her name is Ceilinn.We were at gautefall. It was nice and we had a very nice time up there.

The cabin was red and small. It was a verybeautifull place. The toilet was very weird, because whenI were ther, it came wind to my buttom. Haha! It wasn't water in this cabin, so we ha dobring some big jugs with wather. But it was acool cabin.

We were eight persons. It was Ceilinn,her mom and dad, hercousin and his friend,her aunt, Ceilinn's uncle and me. It wasgreat.They are some very nice people! I have been at some trip's with them before, and I love it.

Well, we came up at Friday. That day we ate Pizza and had a nice time together, before we went sleeping.

At Saturday we wake up 08:30. That was because we was going to the downhill course. It was funny, but it was snowing and raining at the same time. So it was not that easy. When we came home we ate Taco. It was so good!! This evening we played some games.

Here we were!

At the Sunday it was nice weather, or it was nicerthan saturday. It was still raining a little bit. We had very many trip's up and down the hill that day. I dont know how many, but is was very many. When we was done, we drowe home. I sleept in the car, and was very tierd.

This is the cabinthey rented, but it was snow there.
It was a very nice trip, and I am happy that I could be there with them.

What did you do this weekend?

-Iselin <3<3

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