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You guys know that I dance, right? Well, here is something you dont know. I have switched dance studio. Before it was onlyone studio in the town, but now my dance educator has started a new studio. It is a nice place! They haveredekorated the place, and I love to be there. Here is the dance studio's.... Or one of them:

I don't have some pictures of studio one, but if you look at the picture of Christina, you can see studio one in the background.In that picture there is not some mirror or something. It is mirrors there now.

And this is studio two. I am only dancing in studio one.

Of course I havea new dance educator, but I also have the old one (she is not old). My new dance educator isn't that new, but she is new. That's because I danced with her when I was a little kid. She is very nice, and very funny!! Haha! She is a very good dancer. I hope I can be as good as her. She was educated at ''Den Norske Ballett Hyskole'' in Osloas a dancer,an educator and more. She has been at work shop with many huge artists like: Ne-Yo, Rihannaand Britney Spears. She have also done many other things as a dancer.

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Here she is! Her name is Christina.

She is my dance educator in Jazz, Classical and Point.

Linda is my old dance educator. I wrote about her last year, so if you want you can scrol down and read about her. 

This is the last post for this time. I hope you have enjoyd my time here. Did you?

-Iselin <3<3

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