januar 2013


Hello! What do you think about snow?I like snow, but it is so cold! Were I live the snow isturning to ice. :P Today I kept falling on the ice. :( It is very funny to play in the snow. Me and a f...


Hello everyone! <3 I am goingdancing every week. Iwasbegining dance whenI was 3 years old, and I have danc every year since that time. This picture is from last year. Today I am going to danc...


Hello! Every Friday I am at a Christian youthclubb. The youthclubb's name is Oneway.I love to be there with my friends! My friendsat Filadelfia (Filadelfiais the place Oneway are at) are so nice!F...

School ball :D

Hello! I saidI was goingto a school ball, it was so funny.First weate Taco. I love Taco, but this one was not so good! :PThe dessert was very good :)When we were finished eating, we begandancing. ...

About me :)

Halo <3 My name is Iselin Helene. I live in Norway. I live with my mom, dad and brother. We have a cat,her name is Lucia. :) In my spare timeI dance. I dance in the town3 hours a week, and th...


15, Arendal