februar 2014

New dace studio

Hey! You guys know that I dance, right? Well, here is something you dont know. I have switched dance studio. Before it was onlyone studio in the town, but now my dance educator has started a new s...

A trip to the mountains

Hello everybody! This weekend I was at atrip to the mountains with my friend. Her name is Ceilinn.We were at gautefall. It was nice and we had a very nice time up there. The cabin was red and sma...

Arts and crafts

Every Wednesday we have arts and crafts. We are making things and pictures. I think it is fun to to something different. We are three groups. And every group are doing the same thing for four week...


Hello! I am a huge fan of Justin Bileber. He seems like a nice persone, but not anny more. He is doing to much of the bad things.I think he want to show us (his fans) that he is not a little kid a...


15, Arendal